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Hi everyone…

My name is Claudia Böhmert and I’m working as a florist for over thirty years now. I’m living in Germany in a city called Rheinbach, which is near Bonn/Köln. Here I work in a wonderful and exclusive flowershop called *Blumenbotschaft 4 Jahreszeiten*. Flowers are not only my profession, but also my passion. 

I love to create ….
I love to play with colors, shapes and textures and if you asked me, which flowers and colors I love the most, I couldn’t answer it straightly. But, what I can say is, that I love working with this stunning Viburnum bei Mediaverdi. With their fresh green and the fine and delicate texture, these Snowballs add an extra kick to every arrangement .

I’m always happy , when the Viburnum season at Mediaverdi starts again after these months of living without… 

Why Mediaverdi?

Let me tell you, of course I tried different Viburnum from other providers , but nothing beats the quality of Mediaverdi!!!

I can only recommend! A big *Dankjewel* at Mediaverdi ,

Bianca , Johan and Team,  for your work, which enables us florists to create stunning pieces with your products. 

Greets to all flower- , and especially the Viburnum- and Carnation-lovers out there….

Claudia – Flower Ceebee

PS.: If you’re interested, to see more of my work,
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Simply the best quality Carnations in the most beautiful colour spectrum.

A family grower with the very best attention to detail and customer service. 

Laura Leong – Floral Designer