Mediaverdi nursery is a family owned business which has been active in forced shrubs and Carnation cultivation for over 120 years, spanning five generations. The name Mediaverdi comes from the Dutch: “Met Dianthus Verdiend”, which means “Earned with Dianthus”. 

We grow Viburnum opulus ‘Roseum’, better known as the Snowball. The snowball bushes grow outside year-round and are then taken into the greenhouses for a few weeks for harvesting. Through rigorous selection and the deliberate execution of our craft we are able to cultivate high quality and sustainable Viburnum.   

The Carnation cultivation takes place entirely in the greenhouse. Here we plant a mostly new and highly exclusive range of Carnations every year, which differentiates us from the market.

In both types of cultivation our purpose is to grow high quality and beautiful flowers with a minimal impact on the environment, and which will please and satisfy the end user.

Carnation Cultivation

Have a look at how we grow our Mediaverdi-Carnations and see what it takes to grow them.

Viburnum Cultivation

Have a look at how we grow our Mediaverdi-Viburnum and see what it takes to grow them.

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Get inspired

Mediaverdi-Carnations and Mediaverdi-Snowballs are often used in highly decorative arrangements. We would like to impress you with our beautiful flowers. Have a look at some inspiring illustrations.


Floral Fundamentals

We are a proud partner of Floral Fundamentals: a platform which provides florists with practical tips combined with inspirational illustrations. Download the free app to  admire the many beautiful illustrations, along with interesting information from top-designers from all over the world, using flowers from the very best of Dutch growers.

Florist experiences

We are very proud of the quality of our Snowballs and Carnations, but in truth, it makes us even more proud to see how the various florists use our flowers in their creations. 

Click here to read some of the florists experiences using our flowers.